BeatRoute Android App Release - 6.4.3

Modified on Thu, 16 May 2024 at 05:55 PM

The updates and capabilities mentioned below are available by May 20' 2024.

Now Collect Video Inputs from Field in Campaign Forms - 

We have added an option to add video format inputs  in Campaign Forms. Forms such as complaint registration, product feedback or service fulfillment where users need to add a video response - all can be facilitated using Campaign Forms now. This feature is a part of Enterprise pack. 

Track Participation in Community Engagement or Training Events -

Using campaign forms, the participation of teams & customers in any particular activity can be tracked now. There will not be any need to manually add participants now, instead while creating an event form target participants can be set up. Team can easily mark participants from that list and can see past participation in participation history on the customer's profile. 


Enterprise Grade Scalability Goes Further 

Control Price Configurations by Customer Segment - We have a configuration in BeatRoute that can be used to allow sales teams to edit prices while collecting an order. This can now be configured on the customer subtype level, allowing the sales team to be able to edit prices on allowed customer segments only. 

Workflow Targeting using Custom Attributes - Custom Customer attributes can now be used to target Campaign Forms, MSL/FSL along with standard attributes such as type, subtype, class & chain. This will allow teams to create customer segments on a more granular level & target different types of Campaigns and SKUs on these customer segments. 

Miscellaneous Improvements

In-stock SKU filter - On take order page, we have added an extra filter to segregate SKUs, which are in-stock. This will help the sales team where they aren’t supposed to collect orders against out of stock SKUs. 

Option to Disable Scheme Application on SFA - We have introduced a configuration on admin level for cases where auto scheme application is enabled - Whether to allow the sales team to disable scheme application. This will ensure that applicable schemes are passed to all customers in place of the sales team disabling scheme application for selected customers. 

We at BeatRoute are committed to continuous refinement of the platform to make it more usable for our customers. Thank you for your continued support.

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