BeatRoute Release 5.3 (Swing)

Modified on Mon, 11 Oct 2021 at 12:45 PM

This is a big pivotal release. It takes the configurability to another level to make BeatRoute an even more adaptable zero-code platform. The updates and capabilities mentioned below will be available from tomorrow, Oct 12,  2021 to portal and Android beta users and over the next few days to all the users. 

Different Workflows for Different Customer Segments

We acknowledge we have treated this as a lower priority for far too long. We are finally giving you full control of what SOPs you want to follow at what customer segments. Now workflows can be switched on/off by customer sub-type. 

Use this power and amplify the user experience with exact SOP workflows for your teams’ visit to a retailer or a contractor or even a site. 

Now Customer Lifecycle Stages can be Different for Different Customer Segments

Not only you can manage all your target customers, influencers, and opportunities with them in BeatRoute but have different stages of onboarding or progression as well. 

Now you can have simple onboarding steps for Masons and Architects and an elaborate one for your dealers. You can choose to have no stages for a Warehouse or a Market If you have them as your target Customer Site in BeatRoute.  

Associate your Influencers, Customers, and Sites with One another Now 

You were always managing your interactions with both customers and influencers in BeatRoute. Now we are introducing a concept of associating one customer entity with another in BeatRoute. Among many use cases, it helps your teams maintain many to many relationships between customers and influencers.

So your team now can simply associate a Dealer with a Contractor or a Pharmacy with a Doctor or a Mechanic with a Workshop or an Insurance Buyer with an Agent.

Profiling Customers by Segments Made Easier

Pin-pointed customer segmentation and profiling is the foundation of running differentiated engagements with customers in BeatRoute. We have now given full freedom of defining your own Customer Sub-type besides our standard sub-types. Customer profile fields can now be dependent on Sub-type as well. Customer Type will continue to be restrictive and will evolve to take a different shape to represent. We will give you an easy migration path to that change. For now, continue to use it in a limited way and build your segmentation around sub-type.

So now call your retailers, influencers or shipment locations “Dealers”, “Experience Center”, “Contractor” or “Warehouse” or “Consumer Site” and have different profile fields for all those.   


Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Account Statement on the customer profile in the App has been improved with date filters. 

  • Customer profile has been improved to place information related with outstanding, credit limit, and loyalty points appropriately on the App.

  • Associated Customer profile view can be opened from Campaign Submission detail now on the portal.

  • Customer History page on the App has been improved to make it easier to search orders by status or id. 

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