BeatRoute Android - 5.1

Modified on Wed, 30 Jun 2021 at 10:01 PM

The updates and capabilities mentioned below will be available from today June 30, 2021.

Discover Cohorts of Customer Performance with Customer KPI Tracking

Meeting your goals in any territory requires not only knowing people who need help, but also customers who need to be handled differently. With this release, apart from viewing the target v/s actual performance of your team members, you can also track performance of Customers against various KPIs. . We will be expanding this ability to all our KPIs soon and also provide a feature to set targets. 

Check the list of KPIs on which we have made this possible here on the ScoreCard config page

More KPIs to Measure your Goals better

We have added more KPIs to our ScoreCard Library, and will continue to do so!! Enable these KPIs for your team now:

Click here to view the list of added KPIs

Campaign Forms made even more useful

  • Extend your workflows with auto-populated and user-role-specific fields, 

This helps facilitate several use cases of approval, issue tracking through status, backend rating of site audits or automated VM Audit. 

  • To nudge teams about aging customer issues or submissions or forms which need their inputs, enable the CuesBot "Notify users of Campaign Submissions which are not closed for a long period".

Stock Norms made even more useful

We have been looking to facilitate right discussions between the sales team and store managers about undesired stocking levels and avoiding lost sales or idle stock. With this new release now - 

  • Onsite Promoters and associated team can check summary of stock outage and deviation from any Stock Update activity. With sharing feature, starting a reaction to this is just a click away for the team.

  • Sales team can also view the stock norm for each SKU at the time of reporting stock that helps them raise alerts.



Dispatch Authentication by Sales Team

If you have not rolled out a DMS or not integrated with distributor’s accounting system, to get visibility of secondary sales and also authenticate distributor reimbursements, simply get your sales representative to provide dispatch information against any order along with invoice pictures as evidence.

Visibility of Van’s Inventory to Van Sales Person

Extending our DSD or Van Sales workflow, now vans can be issued inventory, and the van sales person can also view Van’s stock at any point of time on the App. Warehouse operator can view inventory across all the vans at any point of time and easily perform stock reconciliation exercise when the Van returns to the warehouse. 


Miscellaneous Improvements and Security Fixes

  • Capture more information in Orders and Returns with custom fields.

  • Team can now additionally filter SKUs based on Brand and Sub-Brands while Taking Orders, Reporting stock, Logging Sell-Out, or Creating Returns.

  • Order taking and Offtake Reporting can now happen in alternative Unit of Measurement as well, e.g. 1 box and 3 bottles. Record keeping will continue to happen in primary unit. 

  • ScoreCard download is now easier to use, with column & team hierarchy-wise listing.

  • Now sales team can find dispatches with pending payments via Customer history on app, look for Payment Status and Pending Amount on Dispatches.

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