BeatRoute Android - 4.5 (Salsa)

Modified on Fri, 22 May 2020 at 04:58 PM

The updates and capabilities mentioned below will be available from Friday 22 May 2020 to beta


Digital Bridge between Sales Rep, Customer, and the Distributor

In this post-COVID environment of remote order taking, it is important to create a digital bridge between the sales rep, the customer and the distributor.

Order Details to Customers on SMS 

Let your Sales Rep use our Recommendation Engine to create an order and simply share it with the Customer. On submission of order, we already send order summary on customer’s mobile no via SMS. Now this SMS will carry a web-link with order details. There is no subscription required per customer for this.

Order Details to Distributors on SMS and Email

Order details can also be sent to distributors via SMS and email. Both SMS and email will carry a web-link as well where distributors can access current and past order details on the portal protected by a login. This read-only access to distributors for orders triggered by BeatRoute App is free from any licensing cost.

Admins can use configuration to switch on the above communications. This requires you to subscribe to our Cue credits to be able to use this feature. BeatRoute customers in all countries can opt for this feature. If the Cue credit prices are not defined for your country on the Cue configuration page, please check with your account manager.

Interested in utilizing Whatsapp as an Notification and Communication Channel with Customers for this? Just reply to show your interest and get your branded Whatsapp account created.

Campaign Forms Become Even More Versatile Now

Now it will be possible to have another type of editable-response Forms. That means a user can submit a response and it can be edited by her or another user to facilitate a multi-step process. 

Examples of Non-editable-response Forms - 

  • Visual Merchandising feedback from a point of sale

  • Price Benchmarking from a Retail store

  • Competition Activity Reporting

  • Need Capture in Sales Process

  • Installation Report 

  • Contract Consent Capture

  • Structured Visit or Training Report

Examples of Editable-response Forms

  • Issue Reporting and Resolution for a Dealer

  • Project Site Details Capture and Detailing Flow

  • Asset Request and Approval

Editable-response Forms allow you to set up which fields can be edited. 

Campaign Response Analysis got Powerful

Along with the Campaign Summary Report, users can now browse campaign responses with a filter on one or more multi-choice fields. 

To find issues reported by dealers related with Display units, which are still open will be a breeze. 

Discover Engagement-worthy Customers and Prospects with One Heck of a Powerful Filter

One filter that managers and frontline can use to find customers, where a certain type of activity has not happened for a certain time to discover the level of engagement and take appropriate action. 

If you are a manager, pick any team and simply see customers who are missing engagement. 

Necessary Hygiene - Users will need to sign terms and conditions and Explicitly know our Data Privacy guidelines

Data privacy laws are getting stronger and getting adopted in more countries. Every end-user will be requested to check a box for terms and conditions at the time of login. This will be effective immediately. 

Most country’s data privacy laws including GDPR require consent from users before sending SMS or email. 

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Searching customers by their mobile number will be possible now on the mobile App

  • Distance traveled by users based on geo-codes of activities has been added. This can help simplify your travel expense policy

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