Chat messaging for seeking help

Support goes to the next level. We are happy to converse with you on chat if you prefer that. Human conversations with an intent to help quickly. Idea is to help users, who can express themselves at their own pace compared to talking to us on telephone line. You can rate the conversation at the end of it -

  • Administrators can now initiate a chat message with our support team from the portal itself.
  • Field users can also chat with our level 1 support team from within the app. (It’s a paid feature for field users. Please talk to your account manager)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Stock Value Display when Reporting Stock

Know the sellable stock value while reporting stock at a store; with real-time stock value display on the mobile app

Offtake Reporting for Past Dates

Flexibility to report offtake/tertiary sales on a past date on the mobile app. This will facilitate reporting of delta sales made available by modern trade stores at the month end when such data is available.