This requires programming knowledge.

With this API you would be able to automate your retail stores / customers data from external system to BeatRoute.

To access this API use API_URL as:

API_URL: v1/customer/create

Here v1 is the version number of the application. Please click here to know about BeatRoute API versioning.

Thus the complete URL would be:

BASE_URL + "v1/customer/create" + "?key=" + TOKEN

Possible Fields are:

  • name - mandatory
  • remarks - Add remarks of customer
  • br_id - BeatRoute ID (if available)
  • external_id - mandatory
  • type - mandatory
  • class - As defined by company (Class Attribute)
  • stage - As defined by company
  • tsm (if available)
  • route 
  • street - mandatory
  • locality - mandatory
  • city - mandatory
  • district
  • state - mandatory
  • pincode - mandatory
  • landline
  • email
  • fax
  • mobile
  • contact_person


Request Would be: 

<remarks>Inquired about Mutual Funds</remarks>

Response would be:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>