Integration Possibilities

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Across different industry verticals as customers look to deploy BeatRoute for their use cases, following are some of the integration possibilities they look for to multiply value from their initiatives -

Data Analysis in Custom Dashboards

We encourage our enterprise customers to implement their expectation on data analysis through the Business Intelligence (BI) tool of their choice such as Tableau, Qlikview, SAP and others based on data fetched from BeatRoute through our APIs. 

Here are some buckets of expected analysis and corresponding BeatRoute data APIs that will be required. This is just a tentative list to help customers plan  -

Field Force Effectiveness Analysis

This refers to the analysis of effort being put in by the field force on the ground such as total calls, productive calls, beat plan adherence etc.

APIs for Team Activity Data, Beatplan/Schedule data along with master records such as Customer Master, Partner Master, Route/Workzone Master will be required.

Sales Analysis 

This refers to slice and dice analysis and trend analysis of sales data vis a vis categories, regions, brands etc.

APIs for Customer Sales, Partner Order Intent, Customer Dispatch, Tertiary Offtake will be handy. Dependent Master data records through Customer Master, Partner Master, Product Master will be required too.

Customer Coverage Analysis or Distribution Analysis

This refers to understand the extent of coverage being achieved in qualitative terms such as billed stores, billed for specific product, average bill value etc.

APIs for Customer Dispatch along with dependent master record Customer Master, Partner Master and Product Master will be required.

Customer Landscape Analysis

This refers to understand the quality of customer landscape e.g. Customer growth, Dormant Customers etc.

APIs for Customer Sales along with dependent records of Customer Master will be required.

VM and Campaign Feedback

Campaign is a powerful configurable functionality mostly used for Visual Merchandising and Field Marketing, however easily extending itself to other generalised use cases of field data collection. Many of our customers like to take this data into a BI system for custom analysis.

Only VM Campaign API is required.

Lead Aggregation

Customers, who implement BeatRoute as a CRM for distributed field teams to facilitate in-field lead management often discover their leads from various third party sources and web assets. They like to keep their existing pipes of lead source and aggregate it in an existing CRM for triaging by a central team before passing it into BeatRoute for assignment to a field executive. While some others take the discovered leads straight into BeatRoute for further processing by central team or in-field team. 

In either case API for Customer Master is required.

Order Integration with ERP/DMS for Delivery Execution

Customers who are organized to deliver to their customer with the help of distribution partner expect integration of Customer Orders with their existing DSM systems if they are not using BeatRoute Partner Automation process template. Additionally they expect to bring the Customer Dispatch information back in the BeatRoute field force app for full visibility. 

APIs for Customer Order and Customer Dispatch along with necessary master data APIs for Customer Master and Product Master is required. Similarly for Partner/Distributor order intent, integration with ERP will be there requiring APIs for Partner Order Intent along with Partner Master and Product Master APIs,

Customers who are organized to deliver directly to their customers, expectation is to integrate Customer Orders captured in BeatRoute app directly with customer's ERP system. 

This requires APIs for Customer Order along with master data APIs for Customer Master and Product Master.

Customer Dispatch/Invoice Integration with Accounting Systems

Customers, who are organized to deliver through their distribution partners, often expect their distributors to do invoicing on BeatRoute system but offer them a mechanism to transfer BeatRoute Customer Dispatch/Invoice data directly in their accounting system such as Tally, Busy, Quickbooks, Xero etc.

This requires API for Customer Dispatch/Invoice along with dependent data APIs for Customer Master and Product Master. 

Pre-built Integration with Tally accounting System

BeatRoute also offers plug and play (no coding) integration with one of the most popular accounting systems Tally. This integration includes synchronization of master data and automatic pickup of Customer Dispatch data from Tally to populate in BeatRoute.

Feedback Integration with Issue Management System

BeatRoute field force app facilitates capturing of various incidents in the field. Some of those are actionable by a separate team with their own workflow, escalation matrix and incident lifecycle management.

Customers have the choice of integrating Feedback functionality with a third party Issue Management system. 

Only Feedback APIs is required. 


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