Technical Brief on API Suite

Modified on Wed, 02 Jan 2019 at 05:39 PM

Security Token

All APIs are secured with access token that can be received on setting up API in BeatRoute. Only one token can be given per company. 

This token has resource level authorization. Admin users can:

  1. Reset token
  2. Enable/Disable token

Source IP

BeatRoute allows access of data only from pre-declared IPs.

API Level Activation

It is possible to enable or disable each individual API.



Here, BASE_URL is common part of the URL address of API to access ( in our case)

API_URL - Can be different for different APIs

TOKEN - Generated by BeatRoute for the company.

Supported Formats

  1. JSON - Standard JSON objects - This is supported by all available programming languages and easy to use. You can send / receive data in JSON. 

        You would just have to pass header as "Content-Type: application/json".

        2. XML - Standard XML objects - This is also supported by most of the available programming languages and are standard. You can send / receive data in XML.

        By default, BeatRoute would return response in XML. You can send header as "Content-Type: application/xml" to send requests in XML format.

Please note that BeatRoute can provide REST API and would require access through REST client.

Testing our APIs

For testing you can also use the following add-ons for popular browsers:

  1. Mozilla Firefox - REST Client Addon
  2. Google Chrome - POSTMAN extension

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