Release Notes - 2.8 (Ballos)

Modified on Wed, 02 Jan 2019 at 04:25 PM

This Release Notes document provide a description on new feature and enhancements added to the BeatRoute application.

BeatRoute Application Updates

The following are the new features/enhancements added in the BeatRoute application V2.8.

Google Calendar Integration with Customer Visit:
We have enhanced the Customer Visit and Scheduling functionality with the integration of Google calendar. This enhancement enables users to receive notifications for their ad-hoc visits created by them. The prime purpose to introduce this functionality is to give a heads up to users for their upcoming ad-hoc visits. Other than their Beat Plans, whenever user creates a visit with the customer. The visit information will save in their calendar and they will receive a notification for that visit:

To view the visit/meeting details tap the visit:

2. No Need to Sync manually anymore, Auto-Sync is here:

The Auto-Sync functionality has been introduced. The application will automatically sync all the recent activities with the server. However, you can still sync your activities manually.

Until the Release of V2.8, My Activity option displays the list of activities that are sync with the server and Unsync item displays the list of unsync activities. In the V2.8, we merged the Unsync item and My Activity option. Now users are now able to view Real-Time activities from the My Activity option.

Form the My Activity option user not only view all the Activities (both synced and unsynced activities) but also sync the activities to the server:

To manually sync the activities, tap the sync icon:

3. Real Time Product Pricing for Fluctuating Pricing Use cases:

The application will check and update the price before taking the order. The administrator can enable or disable this option from the BeatRoute portal.

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