Retailer / Customer Discovery:

Customer Discovery is available for Sales Rep also with the ability to filter and target the next visit.

Retailer / Customer Notes:

Managers and Field users can add meeting notes / visit notes. To help them sync with earlier conversations with customers.

Retailer / Customer Lead Management:

This is an optional yet powerful feature where you would be managing the life cycle of your lead and track their cycle.

Retailer / Customer Schedule Visits:

Managers and Field users would be able to schedule their visit on selected customer. This can work in parallel with “BeatPlan”. A whole schedule will be available under ‘My Schedule’.

Misc fixes:

  1. Issue in listing newly created and updated retailers / customers.
  2. Secondary Order 'Info band' was not working in some cases.
  3. Order Remarks field in 'My Activity' and 'Retailer History'.