Release Notes v2.7

Modified on Wed, 02 Jan 2019 at 04:22 PM

This Release Notes document provide a description on new feature and enhancements added to the BeatRoute application and portal.

BeatRoute Application Update

The following are the new features/enhancements added in the BeatRoute application V2.7.

Intelligent Validation on Order Quantity:

To prevent the typo errors in the customer order taking process, from this release of application, system will compare each customer order quantity with the proposed order quantity. If the actual order quantity is unexpectedly more than the proposed order quantity, an alert displays:

Note: This alert is only for the safety concerns, it will not affect user operation. Click the Don't Show Again button to disable the alert for future operation.

2. Assigning a Field Executive to a Customer:

On the Mobile application, a new centralize process has been introduced to find new customers and assign those customers to field executives for the fast and smooth process at ground level. From this release, it is not necessary to assign a Field Executive or manager while creating/uploading new customers.
Customers can be imported into BeatRoute system from the different sources, then assign these newly imported customers to a regional team in a subsequent step.
The Assign option is available on customer list and details screen of mobile application. This option helps Manager to assign a customer to a user under their hierarchy. We have also introduced new filters to narrow down the results and assign correct user to the customer.

3. Out of Stock Reporting

Before the release of this version, users were only able to report stock for various products. Now we have enhanced the process to differentiate that the stock is not reported by field representative or stock is not available to customer. With this Release of BeatRoute, while reporting the stock, the Field Executive can explicitly report by marking them as Out of Stock:

4. Update in GPS Setting:

Before this release, turning on the location (GPS) option would only display when user saves a transaction, which consumed user's time. With this release, "turn on the location (GPS)" option prompts at the time of log-in, if the location is disable on the device. This will enhance the Geo-location capture speed. The Administrator can enable/disable Mandatory GPS option from the BeatRoute Portal.

5. E-signature for Customer Order Confirmation:

We have introduced a new option i.e., Customer Signature in the BeatRoute application. This Customer Signature pad will display as a last option of Customer Order taking process to confirm the Customer Order. The Administrator can enable/disable this option from the BeatRoute Portal.

BeatRoute Portal Updates

The following are the new features/enhancements added in this release of the portal.

Individual Reports Map View:

On the individual reports map view, the system will display the customer location with the transaction location:

2. Preview Mode for Upcoming Visual Merchandising Campaigns:

With this new release of portal, a new feature i.e., Preview mode is introduced to publish the upcoming campaigns in Draft. The campaigns published with the Preview status can be viewed on the mobile app and administrator is allowed to continue to edit the campaign elements:

3. Custom KPIs on Score Card:

Score Card functionality on BeatRoute becomes more powerful and highly flexible. Now, customers can create their own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) BeatRoute uses a simple hierarchy setup to display the score card. This scorecard displays to all users on the mobile app for individuals and/or team. You can expect from us to release an API to automate the input of target and actual data programmatically in the near future.

4. Improvement on Large Data Download:

A concept of generating report and downloading it later has been introduced for large data objects. Users can request generation of report for a period. Once the report is generated a link appears beside the request option to download the report.

5. Resetting Customer Geo Location and Profile Picture:

With this release of portal, administrator will have a special access to remove the incorrect Geo-location from the customer profile:

6. Restrict Field Force to Edit the Price:

With this release of the Portal, the Administrator will have a unique option to control the pricing on the Create Order screen on the mobile application. If this option is enabled, on the mobile application, Field Executive cannot change the price while taking the order:

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