BeatRoute Release - v6.0.2

Modified on Thu, 25 Jan 2024 at 05:20 PM

The updates and capabilities mentioned below are available from April 21st' 2023.

This release focuses on enhancing customer insights, promoting campaigns for better sales alignment, and milestone-based achievement tracking. 

SFA & Portal Changes:

  1. Better Customer insights on My Schedule page in SFA:

  2. Gain enhanced customer insights on the My Schedule page in SFA. We have introduced a new configuration that allows you to flag certain customers who have not reported any activity for a selected time duration. This empowers the sales team to focus on customers with pending activities. You can enable this from Misc. Configuration page.

  3. Promote campaigns to align sales process:

  4. In BeatRoute, we have introduced campaign modules to facilitate additional sales activities targeted toward specific customers. With this update, you can promote certain activities to appear in the action window on the customer profile, alongside other core activities. This promotes a more streamlined and aligned sales process.

  5. Milestone-based achievement tracking:

  6. BeatRoute now offers milestone-based tracking of monthly targets. This goal-driven approach allows companies to divide the overall target into configurable milestones. The team can now track their performance against the closest milestones, ensuring they are on track to achieve their monthly targets.

  7. Column addition in primary sales upload:

  8. For companies manually uploading primary sales data, we have introduced a new "received_at" column. This update ensures that the distributor's inventory is updated when the sales data is uploaded. Now, partners will have an accurate and updated inventory, even when using a third-party DMS (Distribution Management System).

Please feel free to reach out to our support team for any assistance or feedback.

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