BeatRoute Release - Chhau Delta 4

Modified on Fri, 13 May 2022 at 09:23 AM

The updates and capabilities mentioned below will be available to everyone within a week.

More Flexibility in DMS for Secondary Sales Data Now

Sweeping improvements have been made across API, upload, download and interface entry features in Partner (distributor) login. This is to facilitate more scenarios of bringing secondary sales data from partner distributors through our platform’s DMS component. Following are some of the changes - 

  • Upload Customer dispatches in any of the defined UOMs now

  • Include Ship-to-party, Referring Influencer, Payment Due Date and other standard fields as well as any custom fields in Customer Dispatch upload

  • Admins can now allow selected distributors to upload their sales data for a previous period in case of exigencies

  • Download Customer Dispatches with all standard and custom fields now along with quantities in all defined UOMs

Sales Data Handling Made Richer for Primary and Tertiary Sales As Well

Besides secondary sales, primary orders i.e. from the distribution partners or direct customers to the brand and also tertiary sales i.e. sellout from retail outlets or customers has also been made more versatile for data integration and handling.

  • Tertiary Sales (Sales Log) data can be now be uploaded from admin interface

  • Partner Order Intent now supports custom fields in API as well as in download

ScoreCard is now Extended to Partner Level KPI Tracking

ScoreCard is the foundation to our goal-driven sales technology and we will continue to invest in making it more powerful. Now track following partner level KPIs in Scorecard - 

Total 7 KPIs related with tracking Chargeback, Scheme Discounts, Extra Discounts, Campaign Rating etc have been added. Do login to your Scorecard panel to check the details 

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Mobile number pattern match validation has been extended to customer uploads as well. 

  • Display of validation errors in Customer upload has been made user friendly with upfront display of all possible errors

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