The updates and capabilities mentioned below will be available from today, Feb 11th 2022  to all the users. 

GSTR-1 filing made easier for Channel Partners/Distributors

Meeting GSTR-1 compliance in an effective and efficient manner, has been a major area of concern for all. Our previous GSTR-1 reports and downloads have been made more friendly to meet compliance requirements by adding necessary information on naming, codes, applicable taxes rates etc. This change is reflected in the B2B, B2CS, CDNR, CDNUR and HSN downloads.

Using this, the partner/distributor users can meet their GSTR-1 compliance in a seamless manner. 

More details in Partner Sales Report

Details on Product line, category, Approval/Rejection Status etc. in sales are important from a Partner’s standpoint. We have now provided a singular report with partner sales, with data on product line & category wise sales per distributor, along with category information. 

Category information is also part of the primary and secondary sales reports. Whereas, the approval/rejection date (along with remarks) is being shown in the settlement report. That goes a long way in making these sales reports comprehensive in terms of information. 

Secondary Dispatch Upload by Channel Partners/Distributors

Till now only Admin users were able to upload the secondary dispatch data using our template .csv. This functionality is now available to the Partners as well in the Distributor Management System. It solves for the bulk upload requirement for dispatches between the partner and customer/retailer and makes it easy.