BeatRoute Android - 4.3 (Garba)

Modified on Thu, 03 Oct 2019 at 11:47 AM

More power and ease-of-use for Campaign Forms

Dependent inputs for cleaner forms

Now use the concept of “Dependent input fields” to create campaign forms where users will view the next question in accordance with the response to the current question. 

This facilitates displaying only relevant questions to users making it easier to fill responses.

Introducing input validation for accurate data

Now you can set up validation on Text & Numeric input fields to ensure the data collected is accurate. Just like you were able to do it with Customer profile attributes.

Barcode, QR Code, and Signature as Field Types  

More field types are possible now. You can also use Barcode/QRCode and Signature in Campaign Forms.

E.g. - Set up a Consent Form to capture customer consent about a new incentive program using a signature field or set up an Asset Deployment validation form with QR code.


Source form field values from existing data like Product list 

Now you can use all your existing product lists, categories, and brands as dropdown values. 

This ensures accurate data collection and ease of use for users. E.g. - Direct linkage of existing master data facilitates accurate analysis of Campaign objective and sales execution.

Concept of Customer Inventory has been introduced

Add received stock at customer location

In CPG Industry, product promoters, who are stationed within stores, can now add the received stock through the app. This combines with the already existing feature of Opening stock update, Offtake, and Returns reporting facilitates visibility into Current Inventory at the store. 

This concept now also helps in keeping track of returnable packaging that is sometimes left at the customer/POS location and is later expected back or billed.


Stock-Norm Deviation Alerts are now more current

With the concept of current inventory at the customer location, stock-norm-deviation alerts are now more precise compared to earlier when they would be generated based on the last reported stock.

ScoreCard (target v/s actual) download for the entire team

Now you can download ScoreCard for the entire team across all KPIs. ScoreCard display and download are now powered with the in-memory database to deliver quick response times, even with large teams and transaction volumes.

With recent changes, the ScoreCard module has evolved into a true enterprise-grade platform component. With the concept of custom KPIs, apart from the standard KPI list, it’s possible for any organization to define its success metric at a granular level as well. You can also build your own custom logic to populate any custom KPI. 

Misc performance enhancement & crushed some bugs

  • Syncing will feel much faster, as we are going to sync most of your activities immediately on submission if the user has internet connectivity. 

  • Misc. performance improvements and bug fixes.

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