Gamification - Movers and Shakers, Explained

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Month after month significant amount of sales is lost in every territory just because only 30% of team members meet their target and others don’t in the same territory with the same product. The reason is inconsistent sale behavior. 


Two individuals in the same territory are either do not understand the exact input behavior they need to demonstrate to achieve the desired outcomes are simply not motivated to follow their SOP. 


"Movers and Shakers" is a system of unique Input-based gamification in BeatRoute that works toward bringing about sustained behavioral change in sales execution for higher outcomes each month. It is a unique mechanism of rewarding on achievement of input KPIs as well besides output KPIs and SOP adherence. 


Each Month is Game

Every day, users earn points for doing activities that are prescribed and for moving closer to their targets.  At the end of the month users with top pints/ranks get awarded with medals and a permanent place on the company's Wall of Fame. 


Each month, the top 5% of the users get Gold medals, the next 15% get Silver medals, the next 25% get Bronze medals. And to recognize the best, The Gold medallists get a permanent place on the company's Wall of Fame.


Each day is a Session in the Game

Like it happens in a game, players get a close-loop feedback. If they do their job better today, they see themselves going up in the leader board. It never lets someone feel that goals are unrealistic or there is something else to blame as they can see their peers doing it. 


Everybody is part of the Game 

Everybody in the entire hierarchy irrespective of his position, title, and authority gets a rank in the leader board. Idea is to make it fun for everybody and make it inclusive and not make it appear like another tool for the measurement of performance of the front line. Ranks are rationalized with respect to what one’s targets are, or what’s the characteristics of one’s target market are to maintain fairness in ranks that cuts across the entire company. 


Nudging a team toward specific goals

Company admins can control the weightage of reward points for each SOP activity as well as KPIs to influence preferential focus towards one activity. Although we recommend to not change it frequently. BeatRoute’s Gamification is designed for sustainable behavioral changes and not short-term goals. 


Company admins can configure the points to be earned from each particular type of activity, and the points to be earned from meeting each particular KPI target from config.


Focus on Sustained Behavioral Change 

Our belief is to bring about sustained behavioral change and stay away from rewarding short-term trophy events. Short-term output achievement-based systems drive people to put their minds on beating the rules of the game to win and never leads to sustainable changes. 




How can I win more points?

Only 2 ways. Firstly, the closer you get to your scorecard targets the more points you win. Secondly the more prescribed activities you do in your customer visits or interactions, the more points you win. 


There is a different level of difficulty in every territory. How does BeatRoute reward points and make everyone comparable on the same leader board?

Targets are different for everybody and is already decided based on the possibilities in any territory. For KPI achievement points are rewarded based on relative progression toward the target, not on the absolute value of achievement. Also, BeatRoute’s algorithm factors in other differences like different no of customers for different people in different geographies.


How are managers ranked in the same leader board?

Managers are rewarded points based on the points earned by their team members as well as their own input activities and progression toward achieving a target or exceeding it. The BeatRoute algorithm rationalizes for different managers having different no of teams. A manager can get a lower rank than his teammate in case a specific team member does quite well against SOP adherence as well as KPI target achievement whereas the manager is not able to extract the same performance level from his other team members.


When are Points and Medals Calculated

Points are updated at the end of the day. Medals are announced on the 3rd of every month for the last month. 


Can Company Admin Change my Points

No company admins can never change the points. Points are calculated by BeatRoute’s proprietary Gamification engine. 




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