BeatRoute Market Activities, Syncing, and Activity History

Modified on Thu, 15 Feb 2024 at 12:50 PM

Q1: What will happen if I am not in the market but going for a team meeting?  

A: To report any non-retailing activities, BeatRoute provides an option under “Tour Visit.” If you are in a team or business meeting, you can report this through tour visit. You have to report the tour visit when you are starting the meeting and again when the meeting is over to mark your attendance.


Q2: How can I sync activities?  

A: BeatRoute has auto-sync within a few minutes of activities. You need to be online for auto-sync. In addition to auto-sync, there is a manual sync option. You can check your unsynced items at ‘my activity’ page on the top right side and sync when you are online.


Q3: Can I sync in offline mode?  

A: Syncing has to happen online. You can do activities in offline mode for the next 24 hours after online login, but you need to be online to sync your activities.


Q4: What will happen if I forget to sync activities for more than 24 hours?  

A: You should sync activities as soon as you can. In case you forget to sync, they will still be available in the unsynced items. You can check your unsynced items whenever you log in again and sync.


Q5: I have been working since morning in BeatRoute and sync in the evening. What will be the time of activity in BeatRoute?  

A: The original transaction timestamp is saved irrespective of when activities get synced.


Q6: I have done activities, but my manager is saying he can’t see my activities.  

A: You can check if your activities are synced or unsynced in “My activities/Unsync items” on the home screen. Reports will be submitted to your managers after activities are synced successfully. If activities are in the unsynced items, sync them.


Q7: I am not able to sync my activities.  

A: Please check the error message and act accordingly.


Q8: Where can I see my activity history?  

A: All your past market activities can be seen under “My activities” on the home screen. By default, you can see for today. You can check for past dates using the calendar option on the screen.


Q9: Can I see Customer history?  

A: Yes, on the Customer profile, you have the option to view Customer history with activity details. You can filter history activity-wise.


Q10: Why is an activity not clickable under Team activity?  

Check if the user is checking in Scheduled activity or under Team activity, as scheduled activities can only be seen on the portal.


Q11: How to download Team activity for a user?

A: On the admin portal > Team activity > View another team > Select user > Select date range > Click on activity log and Generate file.


Q12: Activity not visible on the portal for a particular date?

A: Check on SFA under My activity to ensure activities for a particular date are synced.

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