How to do BeatPlanning

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Many businesses run visit scheduling process that's focussed on all the customers or prospects of a particular area rather than individual customers. e.g FMCG industry in its distribution channel adopts this strategy of dividing the territory into serviceable routes and scheduling their field reps on fixed route(s) on any given day. In many other industries, prospect discovery process, onboarding process or servicing process involves visiting an area on a day and covering all the micro customers of that area.

BeatRoute offers this feature and calls it by the industry popular term Beatplanning. Once you have optimized route or workzone mapping of customers, you need to plan visit of your team member based on potential and class of customers on the route.


Here is how you can do Beatplanning in BeatRoute-

  1. Go to the menu option - Route/Workzone > Beat Planning  link 
  2. Select team lead and month to start the planning

Simply click on the calendar grid to plan a particular route on a day or follow following procedure to make more holistic changes -

Plan for first time or fresh planning

  1. Select the field executive
  2. Select route/workzone one or multiple, which are planned together
  3. For weekly planning, "Choose a day" whereas for fortnightly, "Choose a day (Alternate week)"
  4. If you want to plan a single or multiple route on more than one day, select route/routes and then "Ctrl" and select days
  5. To plan another route, unselect previous route and select next route and repeat the process
  6. After entire process, Don't forget to "Save"

Repeat previous month planning

  1. Select the field executive
  2. Select all routes/workzone if you want to copy planning for all routes
  3. Select month to copy under "Copy schedule from a month"
  4. After entire process, Don't forget to "Save"


  1. Here is how your beatplanning calendar view will look like once you are finished -

Who can do Beat Planning

 Depending on what configuration you choose, either the field rep himself can do his plan or Territorial Officer or Administrator can do beat planning

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