How to Upload Beat/PJP Plans and Schedule Customers in BeatRoute

Modified on Fri, 29 Mar 2024 at 05:13 PM

Beat Plan/ PJP upload Module

BeatRoute provide an efficient way to upload Beat Plan / PJP for your sales force. Apart from that BeatRoute allow to their mobile app user to plan their journey or schedule from mobile app. In this article I am explaining how to upload beat plan from admin portal.

Below the mentioned steps:-

1. Login with Admin I’d —> Left Menu—> Click on Route / Work Zones —>Beat Planning 

2. Click on "Upload BeatPlan" and Download Template 

When uploading beat plans or scheduling customers in BeatRoute, it's essential to understand the various columns and options available to ensure accurate and efficient planning. Below is a breakdown of the key columns and their functionalities:

1. user_br_id: This column is used to input the users' branch IDs. You can obtain these IDs from the User List.

2. days: Input the day codes from 1 to 7 corresponding to Monday through Sunday. For example, use 1 for Monday, 2 for Tuesday, and so on. If you want to schedule the same route for multiple days, separate the day codes with commas.

3. week_no: Specify the week number according to the defined ranges. For instance, week 1 ranges from 1 to 7, week 2 ranges from 8 to 14, and so forth.

4. frequency: Choose the frequency of the beat plan, such as weekly, daily, monthly, or fortnightly. For fortnightly plans, use "fortnightly1" for weeks 1 and 3, and "fortnightly2" for weeks 2 and 4.

5. beatplan_date: Optionally, you can input specific dates for the beat plan in the format dd-mm-yyyy within single quotes. If scheduling for specific dates, omit the days and frequency columns.

6. route_id: Input the route ID if managing beat plans route-wise. Leave the retailer_br_id column empty for this purpose. get the id from Route List

7. retailer_id: If uploading beat plans at the retailer level, input the retailer IDs in this column. If managing beat plans customer-wise, there's no need to specify route IDs. Download template from here to manage retailer wise 

8. start_date and end_date: Specify the start and end dates for planning within a particular date range.

9. is_delete: Use "1" in this column to delete existing planned beats.

Additionally, you can schedule customers using the "Upload Schedule" button. Download the template and input the user_br_id, schedule_date, retailer_id, and "0" in the is_delete column. Use "1" in the is_delete column to delete existing beat plans if needed.

By understanding and correctly utilizing these columns, you can efficiently manage your beat plans and customer schedules in BeatRoute.


This article provides comprehensive guidance on navigating the various options and columns available for uploading beat plans and scheduling customers in BeatRoute, ensuring smooth and effective planning processes.


1. System doesn’t allow to upload beat plan for same day for manager roles.

2. Date format should be dd-mm-yyyy

3. Prefix ' single quotes with date (ex. '01-01-2024. 

4. System doesn’t upload beat plan successfully in case of inactive retailer or Route I’d.

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