How To Upload Beat Plan/ PJP

Modified on Fri, 18 Nov 2022 at 10:06 AM

Beat Plan/ PJP upload Module

BeatRoute provide an efficient way to upload Beat Plan / PJP for your sales force. Apart from that BeatRoute allow to their mobile app user to plan their journey or schedule from mobile app.    In this article I am explaining how to upload beat plan from admin portal. Below the mentioned steps:-

1. Login with Admin I’d —> Left Menu—> Click on Route / Work Zones —>Beat Planning 

2. Click on upload Button and Download Template 

3. Put user Br_ I’d ( We can get it from user list)

4. Days - Put days code 1-6 ( Ex. For uploading beat plan for Monday , put 1, for Tuesday put 2... So on. If you want to schedule same customers or Route for 2 or multiple days then you can put days code like 1,2.....

5. Week - You can put week number ( 1- 7 week 1 , 8-14 week 2 .....)

6. frequency - If you want upload beat plan for weekly then you can simply keep frequency weekly, 

7. Beat_plan_date - We can also manage beat plan date wise. We just put date. Date format should be dd-mm-yyyyy with prefix '  single quotes. No need to put days or frequency in case of date. 

8. retailer_id - if you can’t to upload Beat Plan at retailer level. Just put retailer I’d . We can also plan route wise. No retailer I’d require in case of route level. 

9. Start Date and End date - Put start date and end date if you want to plan for any particular date range. 

Notes - 

1. System doesn’t allow to upload beat plan for same day in case of manager roles.

2. Date format should be dd-mm-yyyy

3. Prefix ' single quotes with date. 

4. System doesn’t upload beat plan successfully in case of inactive retailer or Route I’d.

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