BeatRoute API setup is straight-forward and easy to use. For security reason, we require your server's or computer's public IP address so that other computers would not be able to use the same API.

SO (Admin) role user can access the panel to setup API. This can be accessed through:

Left Menu > Portal Setup > Settings > API Setup.

If you are doing it the first time, you would see this screen on clicking "Setup API" button:

You would require to add the public IP of your server or computer where you would require to run middleware software or program. This is require to prevent abuse.

In case of multiple hits from infected computer our server would block the access. If the security token is misplaced or distributed to multiple users or systems, you can reset your token from the BeatRoute panel.

After entering the details, system would generate key for you:

You would require to use this key for authentication across APIs. Now, you are done with API setup and would require access modification.

To Provide API Access:

Please click on "Api Access" tab from the same page. You would see the below page:

By default, all API access are blocked and would require to enable manually. Just click on (x) button to activate the API you would require to access from your program. After enabling you would see the status as below:

Now, you are ready to go ahead, just review the Help Center for further help on the specific API.