BeatRoute's biggest strength is its modularity. You can go for stand-alone use cases or run it in integration with other systems such as ERP, Existing Distributor Management Systems (if you prefer to persist with it instead of our in-built DMS) backend CRM systems, Lead Aggregation systems, Partner accounting systems, Warehouse management systems, Order Aggregation systems etc. 

Integration through CSV Upload

All master data and most of the transaction data interfaces in BeatRoute provide a mechanism of downloading and uploading data. Although not recommended for a steady state operation, you can use this feature to integrate BeatRoute with other system.

Automated Integration with APIs

BeatRoute has set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that can be used for exchange of data with other systems. You can write simple programs that can send data into or fetch data from BeatRoute using these APIs.

BeatRoute provides resource level APIs that can be accessed via REST clients in XML (default format) or JSON.

API suite has in-built security to prevent unauthorized access to data. 

API Suite also as protection against SPAM hits, therefore making it a robust system for clients to run cross application workflows.